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Nominating committee

The Nominating Committee represents the shareholders and has the task of submitting proposals to the AGM for Board members, Chair of the Board and auditors, for example, as well as for their fees. Furthermore, requisite proposals also include remuneration, if any, for committee work, as well as election and remuneration of the external auditor.

The Nominating Committee’s duties also include proposing a Chair for the AGM and procedures for appointing the Nominating Committee. These members shall be announced no later than six months before the Annual General Meeting.

The majority of Nominating Committee members shall not be Board members, and neither the Chief Executive Officer nor other individuals from executive management shall serve on the committee. Neither the Chair of the Board nor any other Board member shall serve as chair of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee mandate runs until a new Nominating Committee is appointed. Changes in the composition of the Nominating Committee shall be announced as soon as they have occurred.

Nominating Committee

The Nomination Committee consists of David Zaudy, Christian Hellman and Erik Ivarsson, representing the three largest shareholders (largest shareholders in terms of votes).

The Nomination Committee proposes that if a committee member leaves the committee before its work is completed, that the remaining members shall appoint a new committee member taking into consideration that the Nomination Committee shall represent all of the Company’s shareholders. In the event of possible recruitment of Board members, the Nomination Committee may be required to incur reasonable costs for external consultants if it considers this appropriate.

The task of the Nominating Committee is to develop proposals for a chair of the AGM, the Board of Directors, Chair of the Board, fees for the Board and auditors, as well as proposals for Nominating Committee procedures.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nominating Committee may do so by e-mail